Instant Fund Transfer

Tired of expensive and exhaustive fund transfer processes with your banking?

UfitPay offer a simple, secure and fast way to instantly send money to any bank account at much lower rate… no transfer limits no hidden charges.

With UfitPay secure Bank Transfer API, you can now completely automate your payout, disbursement, settlement and other bank payment on your applications.

Transfer Money Instantly to Any Bank -

Why use UfitPay Fund Transfer Service?
  • Super fast, easy and convenient to use
  • Lower transfer charges with no hidden taxes and fees
  • Instant reversal in case of error at the destination bank
  • Total control over your transfer narration
  • You have access to a secure NIP API for integrations with third-party systems

Who is UfitPay Fund Transfer Service meant for?

UfitPay fund transfer can be used by both Individuals or businesses looking for a secured and convenient way to send money to different bank account.

UfitPay Fund Transfer API is most suitable for;

  • Loan Disbursement Applications
  • Salary & Payroll Applications
  • Instant Settlements
  • Commission & Cashout
  • Online Exchange Platforms
  • Bulk Transfer Applications

How UfitPay fund transfer works?

UfitPay fund transfer allows you to instantly transfer funds from your mobile wallet to any bank account in Nigeria.

  • Download UfitPay Mobile App here to start
  • Sign-up a Free Account
  • Add fund to your UfitPay mobile wallet
  • Use the Transfer option on the app to initiate an instant transfer to any bank account

You will need to enable Bank Transfer API access from your account settings on UfitPay mobile app to use the UfitPay Fund Transfer API.

UfitPay fund transfer services cost from as little as ₦20 per transfer, depending on your account type. You can find your transfer fee under settings on the mobile app