Virtual Card

Get a virtual Naira or US Dollar card for your secure local and international payments, fund transfer & online shopping.

Virtual Naira & Dollar Cards

Whether you’re an individual looking to have more control over your online shopping or a large corporate entity, a small business, or a freelancer looking to grow your business... UfitPay virtual card services are designed with awesome set of features to perfectly fit into your cashless life-style needs.

UfitPay virtual card services are available on UfitPay Mobile app and also accessible via Our Virtual Card APIs. Proudly powered by VISA 3D and Verve.

Why UfitPay Virtual Cards
  • Zero maintenance fee
  • Self-issued and Ready in seconds
  • Theft & Fraud Protection with 3D authentication
  • Available for both local and international online shopping
  • Works on Crypto-currency and money transfer platforms
  • Up-to $10,000 monthly spending limit
  • Fund your USD card with local currency
  • Lowest card transaction charges
  • Issue and manage multiple cards under your account
  • One-click card activation and deactivation
  • Available via APIs for developers

How it Works?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use our virtual card services. We have also put together an interactive video guide Here for you.

  • Download the UfitPay app on your device and sign-up an account if you haven't done so already
  • Follow the prompts on the app to complete your Identity & KYC verifications if you haven't done that also
  • For added account security, click the Settings icon towards the lower right part of your app then scroll-down and select Set Account PIN to set a PIN on your UfitPay account
  • Click on the Deposit icon on the UfitPay app home screen to fund your UfitPay account. You can also do this by making a bank transfer to any of your UfitPay virtual bank account numbers
  • Now that your account is funded, click on Cards icon on the home screen of your app to open the card section
  • Clcik New Card button, Select desired card brand (i.e VISA or Verve)
  • Choose the currency for your card (i.e US Dollar for a dollar card ot Naira for a naira card)
  • Choose what balance you like to debit for card issueing fee (i.e. Naira or US Dollar, depending on where you have funds)
  • Enter your UfitPay account PIN to authorize then click Create Virtual Card to finish
  • Now that your new card is created, Click on the image of the card anytime to view your card details
  • At this point, your card won't have any balance on it so you need to add funds to it. Click Options button at the top-right and select Fund Card to fund your new card. Once funded, you can start making payments with your card.

Remember that you can create as many cards as you need and fund as many times as you want... awesome right!

What platforms accept UfitPay cards?

Our Naira MasterCard and VISA 3d Dollar cards are accepted on almost every platform that supports a virtual card. Our regular VISA cards are accepted on over 4,000 platforms and website around the world. We have compiled a long list of platforms our Regular VISA card has been tested on; here.

Supported Countries

UfitPay cards can be used to make payments in any country. However, we can only issue our cards to users from the following countries;
Ivory Coast
South Africa
United States
United Kindom

How secured is my virtual card?

Our virtual cards are protected against hijack, fraud or theft with the latest 3D card authentication, which requires a 4 – 8 digits PIN as well as One-Time Password (OTP) whenever a payment attempt is made with your card.

You also have an easily accessible feature that allows you block or unblock your card at anytime from our app or via API.

How much does it cost?

UfitPay virtual card services cost from as little as N100 per card with zero maintenance charges. Refer to Our Pricing Page to learn more.

What about exchanges & rates?

UfitPay uses discounted opern market rates for all its exchanges. In this way, we are able to guarantee a steady and stable eschange at every instance. Check Here for a real-time open market rate information.