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  • What is UfitPay ?

    UfitPay is a bill payment platform that offers an all-in-one simple and convenient bill payment solution at reduced price.

  • What can I do on UfitPay ?

    With UfitPay, you can buy Airtime, Data, pay your Cable TV bills, Power bill, Internet bills, Church offerings, School fees and many other utility bills

  • Who can use UfitPay ?

    UfitPay services can be used by any one. There are no restrictions on who can use our platform

  • What is UfitPay e-wallet?

    UfitPay e-wallet is virtual wallet that allows you to store funds on our platform. With UfitPay e-wallet, you don't have to expose your bank cards online every time you need to pay a bill. You also minimize unnecessary bank changes and online payment processing fees since you only get to use your card once in a while.

  • How do I fund my UfitPay wallet ?

    You can add money to your UfitPay wallet from our mobile app. Simply login to your UfitPay account on the mobile app, click on Fund My Wallet then complete your funding using your Card, Bank, USSD or other available online payment options

  • What if I need to add a large amount to my UfitPay wallet ?

    We offer offline bank transfer option just for this purpose. With this option, you can add as much funds as you need by depositing or transferring the amount to a designated bank account. This option is available on our mobile app when you try to fund your wallet.

  • Are there any daily wallet funding limits on UfitPay ?

    There are no limits to how much payments you can make on our platform in a day. However, in-line with CBN regulations, we placed a limit of N30,000 on the amount of payment you can make using our online payment channels.
    This is to help us keep a check on fraudulent activities on our platform.
    This limit can be removed once you identity is verified.

  • Are there any transaction limits?

    There are no limits to amount you can spend from your account on bill payments. However, in line with CBN regulations, there are limits to the amount that can be transfered or withdrawn from your wallet to a bank account. This limit will depend on your KYC level. To remove this limits on your account, you will need to complete your KYC verification process from the app.

  • What is UfitPay's refund policy ?

    We have a refund policy designed to protect both you and our business. In summary, you receive a full refunds on your payment if we are unable to process the transaction. We will do our best but do can not guaranty refunds once your payment has been sent to the vendor or the service has been delivered. You can learn more about our refund policy Here

  • What if I need help ?

    You can reach out to us Here if you need help with our services. We have dedicated support team willing to help you via telephone, live-chat or email.
    Our support team are available 9:00am - 5:00pm on weekdays to assist you!

Merchant Related

  • What is UfitPay merchant all about?

    UfitPay merchant offers businesses a platform to seamlessly collect payment from their customers without having to worry so much about what’s happening under the hood. As a merchant, you can receive payments from your customers via Cards, Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Airtime, PayPal and a whole lot other payment channels we offer

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