Become a Vendor

Already have a business, or planning on starting one? UfitPay can help you.

Become a UfitPay vendor and expose your services to more potential customers

UfitPay makes it easy to accept payments from your customers using multiple sources and channels. You can accept payments directly on your website,, UfitPay Mobile Apps, UfitPay Agents, USSD, etc..

Here are some of the benefits of listing your service on UfitPay

  • Zero setup cost
  • We help you with integrations if required
  • You pay us only when you get paid from our platform
  • You get exposed to millions of potential customers all over the net.
  • We give you a virtual bank account number in your own brand name for automated bank payment.
  • You have access to your own report dashboard.
  • You receive instant payment notifications via email and callback.
  • You enjoy instant or next-day settlement of all your payments

How does it work?

As a vendor, we list your services on UfitPay platforms, exposing your services to our users and agents.

When a user selects to pay for your service, our platform will request the user to provide a unique identifier from you, which can be your customer account number, invoice number, customer email, Order number, etc (We ask this from your during your integration)

For every successful payment, our system will send you an email notification as well as HTTP Request to your callback URL (if available), stating who made the payment, how much was paid, what service was paid for and when the payment was made.

At the end of each business day, our system automatically calculates all your sales and deposits it into your bank account or settlement wallet as the case may be

How much does it cost?

Becoming one of our vendors cost absolutely nothing! In most cases, your customers pay us a little service charge. In very few cases, you pay us a little commission when you get paid through one platform. The applicable option to you depends on the nature of your services and type of customers.
Settlement to UfitPay wallet is free, while a NIP settlement charge of N50 or N60 applies per settlement to your bank account, depending on your settlement schedule. .

What are the requirements to become a UfitPay Vendor?

Becoming one of our vendors is straight forward, provided the following requirements are met;

  • You have a legally registered business, organization or brand
  • You have a functional Naira bank account (or US Dollar account for international vendors)
  • You have a physical address where customers can locate you.

How do I become a UfitPay Vendor?

To become a UfitPay vendor, simply complete the vendors registration form Here to get started. If all requirements are met by your business or brand, your service will be integrated and published on our platforms within a few hours.

We will send your vendor account and access information to you by mail once your business is approved.

Ready to get started?