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There are too many things to remember, when to pay bills shouldn't be one of them!

With UfitPay Automated payment service, you never have to worry about when to pay your subscriptions or recurring bills.

You simply pay once then have UfitPay take care of all future payment for your so you can focus on other things that matters.

Automate your Recurring Bill Payments -

How does UfitPay automated payment works?
  • Download UfitPay Mobile App here to get started if you havn't done so already
  • Choose the bill you want to pay on UfitPay mobile app
  • Enter requested details for your payment
  • Set your prefered recurring cycle and complete your payment

UfitPay will automatically initiate same payment using same details you entered during the initial payment on each due date. You can always cancel a recurring payment at anytime from the Recurring Payment section on UfitPay mobile app.

Remember to link a card to your account or alway keep your UfitPay wallet funded, so you don't miss a payment schedule!