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UfitPay API is designed for developers to easily integrate various payment functionality on any application using any software programing technology or development platform

Our API attempts to conform to the RESTful design principles. You interact with the resources exposed through the API by accessing resource collection and element URIs using the HTTP POST or GET.

Access to our API is Freely available to all registered UfitPay customers, agents, merchants and vendors. You will likely need access to an Experienced web developer or programmer (if you’re not one) to get the most use out of UfitPay API.

Obtaining Wallet API credentials

In order to interact with UfitPay Wallet-based API services, you need to enable API access on your account. To do this, go to Account Settings on the UfitPay Mobile App then click the Generate API Keys link. We will generate and send new API credentials to your registered email address;

Once generated, you will be able to retrieve your API credentials at any time by the View API keys link.

For added security, we recommend you restrict access to your API credentials to only white-listed IP addresses. You can do this by clicking the Restrict API Access link under Account Settings on UfitPay Mobile App.

Obtaining Merchant API credentials

In order to interact with UfitPay Merchant/Vendors API services, you need to enable API access on your merchant/vendors dashboard. This is usually enabled by default. To do this, go to Vendors Settings from your UfitPay Merchant Dashboard then click the API Settings tab to view your API credentials.

You can also generate new API keys by clicking the Generate New keys button.

Using Merchant API credentials to access Wallet Services

It is posible to access UfitPay wallet API services using your Merchant/Vendors API credentails. This feature comes handy when you prefer a flow that uses a single authentication accross all your API calls. To use this feature, you will need to connect a verified UfitPay Business Account (Wallet) to your merchant account. You can Sign-up a Business Account here if you don't have one already.
Go to Vendors Settings from your UfitPay Merchant Dashboard, then click on API Settings tab to managed your connected wallets.

Once a UfitPay wallet is connected to your merchant account, all chargeable API requests will be billed from the wallet. Please note that Settlement Wallet is not the same as a Connected Wallet. If you wish to use same UfitPay wallet as both merchant settlement destination and wallet API access, you will need to connect the wallet folloing the step above

URL Format

UfitPay API URL is made up of the Base URL and the Resource URI. A complete API URL will look like this; https://api.ufitpay.com/v1/‹resource URI›


All requests to UfitPay API require authentication. Our API Authentication is implemented as HTTP Header Authentication over TLS (HTTPS).

To authenticate your request, you need to pass the following parameters as part of your HTTP request headers;

Api-Key: Your account API key
Api-Token: Your account API token

Please note that all API requests to the Wallet Endpoints must be authenticated using valid Wallet API credentials, while requests to Merchant / Vendors Endpoints must be autheticated using valid Merchant API credentials.

Request Method

UfitPay API accepts only Form Encoded HTTP POST or GET requests, depending on which resource you want to access. Any other request method will not be recognized by our API

Below is a sample request to our balance enquiry API using cURL;
curl --request POST \
   --url 'https://api.ufitpay.com/v1/balance' \
   --header 'Api-Key: 1234567890' \
   --header 'Api-Token: 33gTuienGR83HY32cGt' \
   --header 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
   --data 'currency=NGN'

Response Format

UfitPay API response (success or error) is returned in JSON data. Response codes are sent via the normal HTTP Response Code,

A success response from our server will look like this;
{ "resource": "balance", "status":"success", "data":{ "balance": "123", "currency": "NGN" } }

An error response from our server will look like this;
{ "resource": "balance", "status":"error", "message":"Invalid API credentials" }

Response Parameters

resource (string) This is the API resource being called
status (string) This is status of the API call. This is not thesame as the actual transaction status which can only be found within the "data" object
data (object) This object holds more information about the request. The content of this parameter depends on which API endpoint is being called

Sandbox API Credentials

The following API Credentials can be used for development and test purpose only. Transactions done using these credentials are not treated as live

Wallet API Token TS66uEwtekJEcWiwzC1gDdiDzKcJFk1
Merchants/Vendor API Key VENDWCB5TO5RfJFCNkwSX8z0F8ZwD91
Merchants/Vendor API Token VENDuEwtekJEcWiwzC1gDdiDzKcJFk1
NUBAN Account Number 2020202020
Bank Code 001
BVN 20020020020
Internet Banking Username 1100000011
Internet Banking Password 12345678
PIN / OTP / Token 123456
Card Holder ID Text-hd63fdvisvux87sfd
Card ID Test-Card-783hvdt083yf3uo/td>

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