Airtime to Cash

Accept payments in Airtime or Convert your excess Airtime to Real Cash!

UfitPay offer a simple, secure and fast way to instantly turn mobile airtime to real cash or other forms of real value within seconds.

UfitPay Airtime to Cash service also offer merchants an easy way to accept payment from their customers in the form of airtime with very few line of code.

Airtime to Cash - Powered by UfitPay

Why UfitPay Airtime to Cash Service?
  • Super fast, easy and convenient to use
  • Completely seamless and automated
  • Instant settlement or withdrawal to your bank account
  • Lowest conversion charges

Convert Your Airtime to Cash Now

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Click the button below to quickly turn that excess mobile airtime on your line into cash instantly using our fully automated online converter. Your bank account is credited within seconds.

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Fund Your UfitPay Wallet with Airtime

Quickly turn your airtime to cash using your UfitPay wallet by following these simple steps;

  • Download UfitPay Mobile App here if you havn't already to start
  • Sign-up a Free Account
  • Click on the Deposit icon on your dashboard
  • Enter the amount you want to convert and select Mobile Airtime as your payment option
  • On the next screen, enter the exact phone number you will be sending the airtime from, select your network then click the payment button
  • Follow the instructions given to your to finish your conversion

The converted amount will be added to your UfitPay wallet instantly once you complete the airtime transfer to the designated number. You can then withdraw the funds to your bank account or do other stuffs with the funds.

Accepting Mobile Airtime Payments on your Website

UfitPay offers merchants and online businesses an secure way to accept payments for goods or services using mobile airtime. Simply follow these steps to get started;

Visit our Merchant Page for more information on becoming a UfitPay merchant.