QR-Based Fast & Secure Money transfer and Mobile Paymment technology - Powered by UfitPay

Whether a Super-Store, Restaurant, Church, Business Owner or just an petti trader looking for fast and reliable way to receive payments from your members or customers; Scan2Pay by UfitPay is the right solution for you

With UfitPay's scan2Pay service, your customers can pay you or send money to you simply by scanning a QR-code using their mobile device.

Scan2Pay – QR-Based Paymment technology - Powered by UfitPay

Why UfitPay Scan2Pay?
  • QR-based - no account number required
  • brazing-fast payment process - Your fund is received instantly
  • Zero transaction charges - you receive 100% the amount sent to you
  • No transfer limit, no processing queue
  • Anyone can pay you, with or without a UfitPay wallet
  • Unlimited simultaneous transactions

Who can use UfitPay Scan2Pay?

UfitPay Scan2Pay is completely Free available to all UfitPay users and vendors, and is suitable for any one (business or individual), who receives payments on premise, including;

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Churches and NGOs
  • Shops and Super-Markets
  • Petti Traders
  • Transport and Ticketing Companies
  • Hospitals and Clinics

How does UfitPay Scan2Pay work?

You need to be a UfitPay user or vendor in-order to make use of this service;

  • Visit our QR Generator page to generate your own Scan2Pay QR
  • Download and print the generated QR-code. You can further customize the downloaded QR with some logo or texts to suite your brand before print
  • Display the printed QR to your customer to scan using their mobile devices.
  • Once scanned, the QR-code will give the user a link to make payment to you through UfitPay
  • UfitPay users can also use the scan2pay icon on Ufitpay app to pay you directly from his/her wallet
  • You will receive payments instantly into your UfitPay wallet (or settlement for UfitPay vendors)