Financial Data

Securly access financial information from banks to know your customer's financial status

Financial Data & Bank Account Information

With UfitPay Financial Data services, you can securly gain real-time access to your customer's bank account information, financial analytics, transactions, identity and a whole lot more... all with one code-free integration.

UfitPay financial data services are available under UfitPay Inline Integration. Proudly powered by over 24 banks and financial institutions

User's BVN Data Lookup/Retrieval

Access fully verified user's KYC information including name, address, date of birth, etc via the user's Bank Verification Number (BVN) with our BVN lookup API. Learn more

User's Bank Account List

Get an overview of all bank accounts a user has with every financial institution in Nigeria via the user's BVN, using our bank account list API. Learn more

User's Bank Balance

Know the financial strenght and buying power of your user in real-time and reduce failed payment attempts on your app with our bank account balance API. Learn more

User's Consolidated Financial Data

Get useful insight into your customer's financial status including monthly/annual incomes, spendings, salary, loans, balance and lots more using our financial data API. Learn more

User's Bank Statement

Profile customers with a detailed transaction history and statement of account of up to 24 months using our bank account statement & cash-flow API. Learn more

How It Works
  • Integrate the required service on your app using our Inline Feature
  • Your customer initiates the account linking process on your app
  • Your custo9mer selects its bank and securly logs in
  • We retrieve and share customer's data securly with your app

How much does it cost?

Access to UfitPay financial data services cost from as low as N60 per request. Refer to Our Pricing Page to learn more.