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Receive payments on your website with UfitPay!

“Pay-with-UfitPay” offers a simple online payment solution that enable UfitPay vendors accept payments from customers directly on their website

“Pay-with-UfitPay” offers both card and mobile wallet payment options.

Receive Payment from Customers -

Why Pay-with-UfitPay?
  • Simplified pay-flow
  • Low transaction charges
  • Instant or next-day settlement option
  • Secure payment API with IP whitelist option for restricted access to your API credentails
  • Dedicated integration support

Who can use Pay-with-UfitPay?

Pay-with-UfitPay is available to all UfitPay vendors. Click Here to learn more about becoming an UfitPay Vendor or Click Here to explore our Vendor's Payment API

How much does Pay-with-UfitPay cost?

Wallet transactions are totally free, while a 1.5% processing fee applies for payments made through PayPal, USDSD, Bank and Card. This charge is usually paid by your customer.